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Do you experience one or more of the following symptoms?

- Lower back pain
- Have had one or more pregnancies
- A pooch or tummy that will not go away despite being reasonably fit
- Bloating, constipation, or other digestive issues
- Still looking pregnant (when you are not!)
- Urinary incontinence with daily activity or exercise
- An “outie” belly button that used to be an “innie”
- An umbilical hernia

If so, you likely suffer from diastasis recti. Come and get checked!

Rehabilitation of a diastasis recti is not only possible, but the vast majority of cases can be closed without having to resort to surgery. Recognizing that the rehabilitation journey is not a "one-size-fits-all", Caroline has been trained and certified in several of the major rehabilitation methods. These include the Tupler Technique®, a research-based method proven to effectively treat  diastasis recti, and The Tummy Team program, which deals with the neuromuscular connection between the brain and the core muscles, and is extremely effective at restoring core functionality.  

Belly Rebuild offers the most comprehensive approach to healing a diastasis, addressing not only the separation itself but the connective tissue, pelvic floor, and postural components as well. No other program looks at each client and her/his abdominal separation individually and creates customized treatment plans to optimize the healing process and restore the core functionality. With Belly Rebuild, you can rebuild your core and rebuild your confidence.

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I am so happy I could cry right now. After doing this program, I finally feel like my old self again... I can't believe I lived with my diastasis for as long as I did!

—  Lyndsay M.



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333 Elm Street, Suite 120

Dedham, MA 02026

Tel: 781 - 608 - 2220

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