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Belly Rebuild Presents


Quick Core Series

Fast, Safe, and Effective Core Routines for
Busy Moms

Monday October 30 - Friday November 3

Whether you are newly postpartum or had your baby years ago, it can be confusing to know how to work your core both SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY! 

Join Caroline Johnson, owner of Belly Rebuild and a certified postpartum rehab specialist, in this special (and free!) 5-day core series. 

Each day, she will guide you through a new core routine that is short (5-10 minutes), safe, and geared towards reactivating those abs! 

The #1 area that women want to strengthen and tone postpartum is the belly, but many traditional core exercises like crunches, planks, and sit-ups can actually do more harm than good to the postpartum body. So, how do you know what is safe to do and what isn't safe to do?

This is where your belly sherpa Caroline comes in. Over the 7 years that she has owned Belly Rebuild, she has guided hundreds of women to regaining and rebuilding their cores. This 5-day series will be the perfect jumpstart for your core, and give you lots of different ideas and info for how to work your core safely!

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