Caroline Johnson

A life-long equestrian, Caroline began riding professionally and working as a licensed riding instructor and horse trainer in 2006. She soon realized that many of her clients were lacking in core strength and so became a certified Power Pilates instructor in order to provide a more well-rounded program for her students. 

After the birth of her first daughter, Caroline stepped back from the professional horse world and focused more on Pilates and pre-and post-natal fitness. She developed an umbilical hernia and a large 8-finger diastasis after her 3rd pregnancy, which went undiagnosed by medical staff. Having knowledge of diastasis recti from her Pilates training, she realized that she had the condition but was unwilling to have surgery to correct it. Instead, Caroline looked into programs to rehabilitate diastasis recti and found the Tupler Technique®. After closing her diastasis and seeing first-hand the dramatic results that can be achieved from following the program, Caroline was inspired to become a Tupler Technique® professional in order to provide other women with the help and resources to close their diastases and rebuild their cores.

​More recently, Caroline became certified as a Tummy Team provider in order to offer more rehabilitation options. This certification allows her to help her clients regain more core functionality, as well as better address pelvic floor issues such as incontinence and prolapse. 

Caroline is wonderful to work with!! Diastasis Recti feels like an impossible thing to fix, but I am confident this technique can absolutely work for you if you keep with it. Especially with someone like Caroline helping you through. :)

- Jenna L.

Caroline is amazing. I feel comfortable around her and she gives great support while helping me heal my Diastasis.

- Steff T.


The Belly Rebuild Difference

You want to close your diastasis recti. How do you go about doing that?

Look for a program that has scientific studies to back up its methods. A program that has a proven track record helping women and men achieve a strong, functional core. And then look at the support that you will get from the program to help you on your diastasis journey.

That support is what we like to call the Belly Rebuild Difference. When you sign up for one of our programs, you know that you will be utilizing The Tupler Technique, the only program that has had numerous research studies performed to back up the efficacy of its methods. You know it gets results, because you can see dramatic before and after pictures and read testimonials of real clients that have gone through the program and achieved success.  You know you will be receiving unparalleled, one-on-one support from Caroline to ensure that you will get the results that you want. 

Every client's needs are different, and Caroline will work with you to make sure those needs are met. Each and every client will receive whatever support she needs to help her through the program, whether it is regular check-ins via phone or text, customized programs to fit your lifestyle, house calls, extra one-on-one sessions, etc.. Caroline is always available to answer any questions, cheer you on, keep you on track, and celebrate with you once you have closed your diastasis. NO other program out there offers this level of client-centered attention. 

What can you expect when you sign up for a Belly Rebuild program?

  • Access to the "Belly Rebuilders" Facebook group, a private group only for current and previous clients communicate with each other, get support, ask questions, receive exclusive tips from Caroline, etc.

  • Weekly check-ins with Caroline via text, phone, or FaceTime to make sure you stay on track with your goals

  • Access to videos of "diastasis-safe" abdominal exercises to keep your transverse strong and your core functional after you complete the program

  • Ongoing support even after you "graduate" - clients can always contact Caroline with questions free of charge

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