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Functional Pelvic Floor Rehab

A healthy and functionally strong pelvic floor requires more than just Kegels!


While the pelvic floor is designed to be a supportive group of muscles, it is also meant to be dynamic and multi-directional as we walk, lift, jump, and move throughout the day. With the Belly Rebuild program, we include not only classic strengthening exercises, but also Pilates-based exercises that are designed to meet the needs of the whole pelvic floor. We identify if the pelvic floor muscles are too tight (hypertonic) or too loose (hypotonic) and base our exercise approach off of those findings. Done correctly, these exercises will help the pelvic floor support us in more of our daily dynamic movements, such as running and jumping. 

A variety of options are offered to support you on your rehab journey, ranging from single sessions to multiple-session packages.


Contact Caroline to set up a complimentary consult to assess your symptoms and discuss what program option would be right for you. 



​- Stress incontinence (leaking while laughing, sneezing, coughing, or during other activities) 

- Frequent need to pee

- Urge incontinence (inability to get to the bathroom in time)

- Pelvic organ prolapse (heaviness or bulging in the vaginal canal)

- Pelvic instability, such as SI joint pain or pubic symphysis

- Constipation or inability to fully empty bladder or bowels

- Intimacy issues, such as pain or lack of


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