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Scar Release Therapy (SRT)

In the US, one-third of pregnancies will end with major abdominal surgery - a c-section. Additionally, there are any number of other abdominal surgeries that will cause trauma to the fascia of the body. In addition to cosmetic appearance, the resulting scars can have a number of negative internal side effects, such as adhesions, numbness, pain or discomfort, and a disruption of the body's natural energy flow. 


Scar Release Therapy using Microcurrent Point Stimulation is a safe and clinically tested solution that has been proven to reduce the negative influences of scars. Using a set of handheld probes, we can direct a series of microcurrent waves through the scars, reducing dermal trauma, adhesions and fascia restrictions. It is a simple and painless procedure that yields immediate visible changes in the appearance and pliability of the scar. The number of treatments to fully release the scar depends on the individual scar, but all scars can be significantly improved and softened.

A variety of options are offered to support you on your rehab journey, ranging from single sessions to multiple-session packages.

Contact Caroline to set up a complimentary consult to evaluate the scar and discuss what treatment protocol would be right for you.


"I am beyond happy and impressed with my results from the Microcurrent Scar Release Therapy. Caroline used in on my 9-year old C-section scar and after only one session, the scar feels much softer! It feels almost as if it isn't there. Before the treatment, my scar felt thick and rather solid. I could not believe the difference after having the treatment done. I also noticed that I have more feeling in that whole area. Caroline also worked on my laparoscopic surgery scars that while small, still bothered me, and now they are practically undetectable. I'm thrilled with the results!

- Julie R.

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