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Belly Rebuild Presents


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Learn how to Strengthen and connect with the deep muscles of your core in this free virtual masterclass!

Thursday May 16th 

Back pain, leaking pee when you sneeze or jump, bloating, poor posture, a bulgy tummy, and an inability to engage your abdominals can all be symptoms of a weak deep core. 


Pregnancy, abdominal surgery, or underuse of the core can cause us to become disconnected from our deep core muscles. ​Most traditional core exercises focus more on the superficial core muscles and neglect the muscles that are designed to support our bodies! 

Join Caroline Johnson, owner of Belly Rebuild and a certified postpartum rehab specialist, in this free virtual masterclass that is dedicated to teaching you all about how to reconnect with your core. 

During the webinar, you will learn all about the core, what the symptoms of core dysfunction are, what diastasis recti is, and more importantly, learn new exercises that are geared towards reconnecting and reactivating those abs! 

By strengthening the deep core muscles, your posture will improve, your back pain will lessen, your belly will get flatter, pelvic floor symptoms will decrease, and most importantly, your core will be supporting you the way it was designed to!

(A recording will be available for those who register but can't join live.)

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