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An Innovative Approach to Sleep Training


Sleep is the number one thing families struggle with when they welcome a new baby. Our certified sleep specialists offer individualized, creative approaches to pediatric sleep issues so that each family can shape their child's sleep in the way that they feel most comfortable. 

Facebook groups, Instagram, and out-of-the-box courses may be able to offer some advice, but they aren't tailored for your specific child or situation, and these options lack any sort of support or oversight of the sleep plan. We also work with all ages, from newborns to lay the foundation for good sleep habits through preschoolers that may be experiencing a sleep regression. Whether you are looking for overnight in-person sleep training in your home or just want a customized plan for your child with a bit of remote support, we have a package that will fit your needs. 


How it works: We first have a meeting to get a detailed picture of what your child's current schedule is like, what your family's schedule is, what sleep patterns your child is currently in, what milestones they have hit, etc.. From there our sleep specialists develop a customized sleep plan for the child, and come up with a timeline to implement it. Once the plan is underway, your certified sleep specialist will be available for as much support as you need and to answer any questions that you have as they come up. It is our experience that you will begin to see healthy changes in your child's sleep patterns within a few days, and that in 14 days, that mom-zombie feeling will be a thing of the past.


All of our highly customized sleep programs are based on YOUR family's unique needs. We offer several different sleep packages with varying levels of support, from in-home overnight sleep support to plans with phone support, so you can find the one that works for your family. Click here to see what's included with each package, and contact us with any questions!

Did you know??


Good quality sleep is just as important to your child’s development and well-being as nutrition and physical activity. The amount and quality of sleep they get impacts their awareness, memory, mood, behavior, and learning abilities.


Establishing healthy sleep practices when your child is young will not only benefit you, it will help them for many years to come.

Signs your baby may benefit from sleep coaching

  • Child relies on "sleep props" to fall asleep, such as nursing/bottle feeding, rocking, swinging, etc

  • Has trouble being put down for bed and/or wakes a few (or many!) times throughout the night and needs assistance to fall back to sleep

  • Daytime naps are short, non-existent, or only happen if baby is sleeping on a caregiver

  • Child wakes regularly for the day before 6AM

  • Baby ends up bed-sharing at some point in the night just so the parents can get some rest, and parents would prefer to have baby in his/her own sleep space

Let’s Work Together

Got questions?Check out our FAQs! Still have a question? Email us at

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